Thursday, May 9, 2013

Speaking with the Social Worker

I had my phone meeting with the social worker on Monday. It was a two-hour phone conversation that wasn't quite what I expected.

My expectations:
"It's going to be a great two-hour conversation that flows effortlessly, where I really connect with this woman and she really gets me. We'll laugh and she'll want to be my new best friend."

How it actually went:
-I dropped her call once and then accidentally hung up on her several more times (my face likes to push buttons on my phone).
-She was typing while I spoke, so there would be semi-long pauses of silence.
-She asked me about my childhood. I mentioned the farm and said that I was very active in 4-H. I then had to explain what 4-H was. I've never known anyone that didn't know about that organization... Do you know how nerdy and country one sounds when briefly explaining 4-H? Very nerdy and pretty dang country.
-She asked me to describe Justin. Did I tell her that I think he is smart, tries to be funny, a practical jokester, a great dad, a huge sports enthusiast? No. I murmured a resounding, "Ummm" and then spat out that he works a lot and doesn't do the laundry near often enough. Sounds dreamy, doesn't it? Hopefully I made up for my lack-luster answer when she asked how we met.

Justin has his phone meeting today. He has threatened to make jokes. I begged him not to. I told him that the social worker probably wouldn't think his jokes were funny and turn us down. I know I'm getting too worked up - I know he's not a loose cannon. BUT, I have had to tell him, "I am recording a video. Please don't make any stupid jokes, mention body parts or use any profanity."

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