Saturday, May 4, 2013


It wasn't hard for me to find a blog name. The first one I typed in was available. There are quite a few blogs pertaining to this subject to choose from if you are up for a good read. Many of them have "typical" names related to buns and ovens, peas and pods and, plainly stated, surrogacy.

My first admission. I'm a farm kid. I look back and love every aspect of my childhood. I love my mother's home movies. Many of them include me hopping around without many clothes on (a luxury of living on a secluded farm), dragging an animal around until it submitted to my country girl charm (i.e. a 4 year old dragging a kitten, goat, dog or bucket calf around until it got used to me being "the boss") and my favorite, baby animals. My dad often hatched baby chicks or ducks (and even ostriches a few times!) from an incubator. I even got to be their "mother" sometimes.

To me, then and now, this is what an incubator looks like:

See the eggs?
Not this:
This is a baby incubator post delivery.
...but I digress.

When people asked me how I was doing when I was pregnant with my son, I often stated, "Oh you know. Just incubating."

So, I chose to become an incubator for someone else's little eggs. 

I am the baby incubator.


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