Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Contracts and the Nitty Gritty

I've passed the screening. We've been matched. My body has been medically approved. Now we negotiate the contract.

The word itself, contract, sounds so cold and business like. 

Obviously, I understand the necessity of it all. Let's be honest, most surrogates aren't legal junkies. I would assume a select few enjoy reading business/legal documents for fun, which just makes those 37 pages (give or take a few) of legal jargon painful. But you can bet your sweet little fanny I read every word of that thing while diligently adding my concerns, comments and edits throughout the day. Justin - well he read through it in less than an hour and e-mailed, "Looks good to me."

Yesterday, I got a little down. I was frustrated. Honestly, I felt dirty. I felt guilt. I thought that something in my concerns or edits could or might offend my IPs. I had not expected that a stack of papers would make me feel like that. I shouldn't have allowed myself to feel like that, but I suppose my great-grandparent's Irish Catholic guilt may run a little thick in my veins. 

I'm excited for the end of this week. My hope is that it will be finished and signed and we can move on to the more personal side of things. 


  1. I have been following your blog for a while and am so excited for you. What kinds of things are concerning about the contract? This is one thing that most blogs don't talk about.

  2. I think the reason surrogates don't discuss much of the contract is because it is a legal document that requires tight lips. Of course the parts of the contract I was frustrated about are the parts that require those tight lips.

    Just so you get an idea of what kinds of things are outlined in the contract:
    Whose name will be on the birth certificate
    How long will you be out on maternity leave
    Time stipulations for medical complications
    Agreeing to the terms of 3 transfers
    Confidentiality agreements
    Terms for termination or c-section
    Travel restrictions after the 2nd trimester (some states
    aren't surro friendly)
    Agreeing to submit to invasive procedures
    Agreeing to sign documents forfeiting your parental rights
    Agreeing not to interfere with the IPs parenting
    and the list goes on!

  3. Well stated. Nothing to feel guilty over. I just want this phase over with quickly... so we get get on to the fun parts :)