Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I think Hallmark and the jewelry companies create an unreal concept of most holidays.

The commercials are great and smooshy gushy. Every woman gets diamonds or at the very least, a macaroni necklace.

Dempsey and Justin
Justin worked late every night of the weekend and again today. Since I insisted on napping with my little guy, I was able to stay awake long enough to have a brief conversation with Justin. He handed me my card, which was sweet (even though I insist on him making me a card) and was excited about the iTunes gift card stuck to the back.

Before departing for bed, he asked me to run downstairs to grab his phone off the computer because he was too tired. I hopped downstairs and shouted up to him, "Where is it?" As I tally all of the junk and absent phone from the computer desk, I notice a gift bag. As I peek in, (because I'm a snooper like my mother) I notice an iPad box. I look up and notice that Justin has now stealthily descended the stairs and is goggling my reaction, which was, of course, "You have to take it back. It's too much." After explaining that I "needed" it for all the upcoming traveling and that it also got him off the hook for our anniversary, I opened it and started playing/inspecting; he got me a pink case. He did good. It kind of makes me feel bad for scolding him when he talks to our son with trashy grammar or teaches him a new obnoxious party trick. Almost. It also made me appreciate how "deep" he thinks. Of course he only does that when I'm not around...

As for Sunday, the day set aside to pamper mothers, it was a nice day. I made Justin take us out for brunch (and then thanked him for being so thoughtful ;)...) and after Dempsey and I had our nap and Justin was off to work, I made this little gem:
I got a little lazy with the mosaic and still need to do a few more steps, but my flowers were getting sad and crunchy. They seem happy in their new home. Also, I make a succulent pot that needs to find it's way to my work, but will probably thrive on our sun porch.

I should have an update with my intended parent profile soon!  

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