Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year - Full of High Hopes

Pregnancies are full of milestones.

The fact that we just past Christmas and New Year is a measurable milestone. 

At 24 weeks, I think Bunny is going to be a diva. As I was sitting at my desk yesterday, I stood up and could feel her stretched out to the max. As my center of gravity has shifted, it almost felt like my body was weighted forward. I imagine her looking like this kitten, all stretched out, comfortable and adorable, just more human-like and a lot less fuzzy.

As of my last doctor's appointment, I have gained 11 pounds. Seems like GREAT progress! Hardly noticeable, that is, until I have to run up the stairs in our house. I shouldn't be getting so winded! I have plans to start exercising a little more regularly, because my leaf-raking regimen doesn't seem to be cutting it.

I actually have a noticeable and sizable bump. I have to get a photographer (i.e. Justin) because I just can't twist just right to get one of myself. "Vain," you say? Heck yes! I'm not going to have a toilet in the background because that was the only mirror I could capture myself in!

My next appointment is in a few weeks. I'll have my glucose test and may have a tentative induction date by then!

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