Monday, June 3, 2013


I think Office Space said it best:

If someone were to say that to me today, there would probably be an HR case filed.

I'm just in a funk today. No particular reason (well, my boss will be coming back from her 1.5 week vacation from Hawaii tomorrow... and that alone is probably the reason). 

I have plenty to keep me busy and plenty to be happy about. It's a beautiful day in Kansas City and my little guy woke up in a fairly good mood. He was willing to give plenty of hugs and cuddles before I left for work.
I was fortunate enough to skype with my IPs yesterday. I, of course, mixed up the time difference and was an hour later than I originally told them. What a ding dong, am I? I was thankful they were patient with my crummy internet (our image froze several times) and Dempsey (who found a red button to push; the off button on the surge protector to the computer). Google will be laying the lines soon for our gigabit internet, THANK GOODNESS! After that, skype will be a breeze!

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